Architectural Signs


Freestanding signs are often the best option for local businesses, due to their prominence on the road. Monument signs are the most open pallet to express your business, due to the ability to add elements such as dimensional lettering, LEDs, and Electronic Message Boards. These signs can be made from metal, plastic, stone, and more! We specialize in working within your budget to design the best quality sign for your business. Our team will help you exploring all signage options for your business, ensuring that we find the right solution for you.


Once you settle on a design, we move your project to the Survey and Permit stage. The Sign Group has experience in working with local municipalities across the nation in ensuring that your signs are up to code. Our project management team applies for permits, goes to meetings, and will create technical drawings in a fast manner to rapidly move your project along. We work directly with your municipality, meaning that you can continue to focus on running your business as we prepare your Monument sign to be built and installed.


We can build custom Monument Signs and Cabinets for any business or any industry. No matter the location or size, we have the ability to fabricate a custom solution to enhance your business's brand and facilities aesthetic. All of our signs are custom made, meaning that your sign will be unique from all others on the road. With over 30 years of fabricating signs, we have crafted hundreds of signs that have stood the test of time, and the test of harsh elements. All of our signs are UL rated, and only use UL parts to ensure that your signage will last countless years.


Upon completion of fabrication in our Milwaukee facility, we will deliver and install your monument sign. Our team of installers have installed thousands of projects, and only uses high quality mounting hardware and electrical components. We understand how important the longevity of your sign is, and many improperly installed signs lead to more frequent service calls and inevitably replacing your sign sooner. Our team of installers will make sure that doesn't happen, by going through extensive quality checks, and using proper tools for the job.

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