LED Lighted Signs


At The Sign Group, we have years of experience designing signs that stun your customers both during the day and at night. We have the ability to work with your companies existing assets, or create innovative graphics from scratch to be put on your building. We design your sign to make sure that it is not only Bright, but easy to read as cars and pedestrians pass by at night. We will engineer the sign to make sure that it will last for countless years, and enhance the appearance of your businesses facilities.


Once our design team creates a sign that represents your company, we rapidly work with your local municipality to begin the permit process. Our team has worked with nearly every municipality in Southeast Wisconsin, and have produced hundreds of signs in the Milwaukee area. If needed, we also have the ability to send out team members to obtain accurate measurements of where your Lit Sign will be placed. We also act as the primary contact between you and your municipality, allowing you to continue to focus on your business.


As soon as your municipality approves the design, begin Fabricating your Lit sign according to UL standards. All of our sign components are UL Rated, and are of utmost quality. Our outdoor signage solutions will last countless years, and stand up to the extreme Midwest weather. With over 30 years of experience in fabricating both indoor and outdoor signs, our Fabricators understand the importance of quality workmanship and design. No matter how large, small, or complex your design is, our fabricators will be able to build your sign.


Once our fabrication department finishes building your sign, our team of installers will deliver and install your Sign to your location. Our team has installed hundreds of signs over the years, and put quality and safety before everything else. Many sign shops provide a shoddy installation that results in earlier than expected service calls, damaged signs, damaged buildings and more. At the Sign Group, we only use the best in class mounting hardware and installation techniques to ensure that your Signage lasts the test of time.

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