Benefits of Architectural Signs


No matter if your business has been around for 100 years, or one month, Architectural signage is critical to your company's success. At The Sign Group, we will work with you to determine the best architectural signage solution for your company!

What are the different types of Architectural Signs?

There are four primary types of lit channel letters

1) Monument Signs - Freestanding signage that compliments your business, and can be retrofitted with different sections, readerboards, channel letters and more! Often made with metal, stone and brick, these are a timeless signage solution.

2) Dimensional Signage - Simple signage that uses layers to provide a clean looking, cost effective, 3D effect on your facility.

3) Directional/Wayfinding Signs - Add directions to your hospital, university, office, and more with signs that improve traffic flow within your building

4) Pylon Signs - Large, pole mounted signs that provide long visibility on busy and fast traveling roadways

5) LED Signs - Lit Signs that give your facilities a pop 24/7

6) Lobby Signs - Enhance the aesthetic of your lobby!

7) Other Custom Solutions - Have an idea in mind? Contact us today!

Our team will work with your company to design, fabricate, and install world class Architectural signage for your business, no matter if you have 1 employee of 1,000!

What Customization Options Exist?

Your architectural signage can be designed in nearly every possible fashion. We provide a variety of options, ranging from different construction materials, to the ability to print directly onto any material. We have produced wall coverings, multi layer lobby signs, large LED digital displays, Monument signs made from Brick, Stone, Metal, and more! If you have a project in mind, or are just simply exploring options for your business, contact us today!

Where Can I Install Architectural Signs?

At The Sign Group, we only use high quality materials and mounting hardware. Because of this, our design team can work with you to place your Architectural signage in nearly any application or location. Often times, we find that our signs and vinyl can last for countless years. Our installation and fabrications teams are masterfully trained, and follows extensive quality checks on every job we work on. Most of the time, the style of Architectural signage we can produce is limited by your local municipality and codes. With this, we understand these local codes, and will handle working with your municipality for you, letting you continue working on your business.

What Benefits Do They Hold For My Business?

As more and more individuals commute to work and your location using cars, you need your facility to stand out on the road. Compared to simply putting up a non-lit sign or banner, these signs look professional and create a brand image of professionalism and quality. Architectural Signage is often overlooked by many business owners, even though it is the most important form of advertising your business to local customers. Architectural signage provides one of the best ROI's in marketing and advertising! Your return on investment with our Architectural signage due to increased brand awareness, perception of quality, and increased leads will come faster than you expect!

What Is The Process for Architectural Signage?

Using our website quote button, feel free to reach out to us for a quote! Our team will work to get you a quote and design for your business. Then, our project management specialists will work to create technical drawings and specifications to be submitted to your municipality. Once the sign is approved, our team of expert fabricators custom makes your sign in a speedy fashion, using best in class techniques and tools. Once the sign is completed in our Milwaukee Facility, our install team will schedule an appointment to install at your business.

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