What are the benefits of Channel Letters for my Business?


Have you just started your business, or are looking to invest in your existing one? Channel Letters provide a great way to project your brand to customers in the vernacular region of your business. Your company should be visible at night, and Channel lettering provides a great way to do that. No matter the font, type, or logo, channel letters can be produced in house to enhance the look of your business.

What are the different types of Channel Letters?

There are four primary types of lit channel letters

1) Front Lit (Standard) - The most common type of Channel Letter, they use LEDs to light only the front face of the sign

2) Reverse Kit (Halo Lit) - These channel letter illuminate from behind the letter, which provides a glow around your signage

3) Open Face - Open at the front, you can see the lights through the sign during the night

4) Front & Reverse Lit- Illuminates both the front and back of the sign

No matter what style of Channel Letter you're looking for, The Sign Group can produce it!

Our team will work with your company to design, fabricate, and install striking 3D signage for your business, restaurant, retail, lobby, or commercial application. Many people enjoy the 3D look of channel letters, as it makes your business pop off the wall of your facility.

How Can I Customize Channel Letters?

Channel Letters from The Sign Group provide a myriad of options for customization. Channel letters can be created in nearly any font, color, size, or style! With this, our team will help you design your sign to be within your municipalities code, ensuring that it lasts.

Where Can I Put Channel Letters?

Due to their metal construction, Channel letters can be built for use in indoor, or outdoor applications. On top of this, Channel letters will last countless years on the side of your building. Our UL rated signs are meticulously crafted to ensure that they will last long Midwest Winters, or Hot Southern Summers. In most cases, the only limit on where Channel Letters can be placed is based on your local municipal codes and restrictions.

What benefits do they hold for my Business?

As more and more individuals commute to work and your location using cars, you need a high visibility piece of signage to get your customers attention. Compared to simply putting up a non-lit sign or banner, these signs look professional and create a brand image of professionalism and quality. Facility signage is often overlooked by many business owners, even though it is the most important form of advertising your business to local customers. Your return on investment with Channel Letters due to the increase in sales and leads overtime will make this investment good in the long run. On top of this, upgrading old Channel Letters to new LED signs provide a lower operating cost overtime, and are eco-friendly.

How Do I Buy Channel Letters, and How Long Is Your Turnaround?

Using our website quote button, feel free to reach out to us for a quote! Our team will work to get you a quote and design for your business. Then, our project management specialists will work to create technical drawings and specifications to be submitted to your municipality. Once the sign is approved, our team of expert fabricators custom makes your sign in a speedy fashion, using best in class techniques and tools. Once the sign is completed in our Milwaukee Facility, our install team will schedule an appointment to install at your business.

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