Benefits of LED Readerboards and Message Centers


When looking at new signage for their company, many business owners are daunted by the high cost of LED Digital Message Centers. What many don't know is that they are actually the best value in the sign industry! Due to their flexibility, they can provide updated, new messages to push promotions, sales, company information and more to thousands of customers on the road each day.

What are the different types of LED Reader boards?

There are three primary types of LED Reader-boards

1) Monochrome Display- Two Color LED Message Center only for changing text messages

2) 16mm Low Resolution Display- Low resolution color displays that lack in sharpness and color accuracy

3) High Resolution LED Message Centers- The Sign Groups most popular option, provides a sharp, color accurate display for your business

Digital Reader-boards from The Sign Group provide the most Dynamic Messaging for your Company!

How Can I Customize a Digital Readerboard?

Digital Reader boards from The Sign Group provide a myriad of options for customization. The smallest board we sell is 1'x6', that can be installed inside of monument signs, pole signs, and more! In most cases, LED Readerboards are built directly into a new sign project, such as a new monument sign or pole sign for your business. Our displays can display both images and video, with almost 300 trillion colors and full 60 FPS video. All of our digital signs have cloud software, and training included, meaning that you don't need to wait to put new messages on your screen.

How Reliable are Digital Message Centers?

Digital Message Centers by The Sign Group are some of the best built and manufactured in the nation. Our reader boards are modular, meaning that if one small section of your board were to be damaged or burnt out in 10 years, you could potentially just replace one panel instead of the entire sign. On top of that, their edge to edge display will provide high quality images with LEDs rated for thousands of hours of runtime. Also, with an IP 67 rating, they are both dust proof and waterproof

What benefits do they hold for my Business?

As more and more individuals commute to work and your location using cars, you need a high visibility piece of signage to get your customers attention. Compared to simply putting up a static sign, these signs never "blend in" to the daily commuters landscape due to the daily changing messages. Also, due to the modular component, the LED sign can travel with you to a new business, or be built bigger without the need to purchase entire new panels. As an add on, our signs can also provide analytics on what style of vehicles are driving and visiting your location, or how long vehicles stayed in your lot. These can also be used indoors, providing new messages to customers in your retail application. The add on can also track proportions of male to female shoppers, approximate age, and how long people are residing in your business.

How Do I Go about Getting a Digital Readerboard?

Using our website quote button, feel free to reach out to us for a quote! Our team will work to get you a quote and design for your business. Then, our project management specialists will work to create technical drawings and specifications to be submitted to your municipality. Once the sign is approved, our team of expert fabricators custom makes your sign in a speedy fashion, using best in class techniques and tools. Once the sign is completed in our Milwaukee Facility, our install team will schedule an appointment to install at your business. After that, you have lifelong support and your own cloud service to constantly update your reader-board.

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